we are the resistance
We hold monthly salons at the same time and date. The goal of the salons is four-fold:
  1. ACTION:  Through volunteer opportunities and donating to campaigns/organizations.

  2. EDUCATION: On comprehensive policy issues and political candidates in winnable districts.

  3. SUPPORT:  For our own individual pursuits (e.g. Running for office, starting a non-profit, making a documentary).

  4. MEET SOME BADASS WOMEN:  A local network on like-minded, open women.

Read about past Bay Area salons.

Event Date: August 22, 2019


Title: Focusing on Investing for Social Equity


Salon Summary: At this salon we learned about how to become a socially-minded investor to address economic disparity. This salon featured a presentation and discussion by long-time PMS member and contributor Purvi Patel, Special Projects Manager on the Executive Staff team of Self-Help Federal Credit Union, and Sasha Werblin, Special Project Manager, Executive Staff, Self-Help Federal Credit Union. 


Salon Action: Learn about investing options.

Salon Host(s): Organized by Purvi Patel

Event Date: July 20, 2019


Title: Habitat Restoration in Oakland


Salon Summary: We volunteered with the Audubon Society to help pull garbage out of the estuaries at Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline Park in Oakland.


Salon Action: Cleaning up our estuaries!

Salon Host(s): Organized by Nadia Rahman & Neha K. Mac

Event Date: June 11, 2019


Title: Focusing on Women's Rights


Salon Summary: In Depth Conversation with PMS Member and NARAL Pro Choice Director, Shannon Hovis, and Certified NP and Midwife, John Fassett, as we discuss the recently enacted state abortion bans and restrictions. Women's rights are human rights. The misinformation and messaging around abortion care is outrageous and sensationalized so PMS organized a public facing salon.


Salon Action: Learn about organizations to support to fight for women's reproductive rights.

Salon Host(s): Organized by Palak Sheth and held at The Assembly

Event Date: May 30, 2019


Title: Constellations Gala


Salon Summary: Several PMS members attended the annual gala to support the mission of Project Simply the Basics, which is to provide for an individual, organization, and community their most basic needs with dignity. CEO Meghan Freebeck is a PMS member.


Salon Action: Support an amazing organization!

Salon Host(s): N/A

Event Date: May 20, 2019


Title: Knock Down the House


Salon Summary: The original goal was to get together and watch the documentary "Knock Down The House"but it ended up being an evening for rich conversation and get to know one another better.


Salon Action: Relax and bond!

Salon Host(s): Organized by Palak Sheth

Event Date: April 22, 2019


Title: A conversation with San Francisco District Attorney Candidate Suzie Loftus


Salon Summary: The role of DA is very important to the safety of our local community. Historically, these elected positions go either uncontested or residents don't know much about the person they're electing. For a position that is responsible for the safety of our streets and works closely with all law enforcement in San Francisco, it's important that we take some time to get to know the candidates and ask them questions about what matters to us (i.e. training law enforcement around racial biases; how people who were previously incarcerated for selling cannibas are now being treated; etc.). We had that opportunity at our April Salon.


Salon Action: Get informed about the local race for San Francisco's top Prosecutor

Salon Host(s): Organized by Palak Sheth

Event Date: March 30, 2019

Title: Volunteering with the SF-Marin Food bank

Salon Summary: We brought our families with us to volunteer with the SF-Marin Food bank to distribute food at their Excelsior food pantry. Every Saturday the Food Bank hands out fresh produce and health staples to hundreds of people at San Francisco's Campus for Jewish Living.

Salon Action: Volunteering to distribute at the food pantry

Salon Host(s): Organized by Raveena Rihal

Event Date: March 18, 2019

Title: Kimberly Ellis Fundraiser

Salon Summary: We gathered dozens of people for a successful fundraiser for Kimberly Ellis, who is running to be the first African American woman to be Chair of California's Democratic Party. She's running on a platform of reform to make the party more inclusive and enfranchise more people who historically have felt the party didn't work for them.

Salon Action: Raised funds to support Kimberly Ellis in her race to the next Chair of the CA Democratic Party

Salon Host(s): Hosted at the Assembly and organized by Palak Sheth

Event Date: February 22, 2019

Title: Local Grassroots Campaigning

Salon Summary: Gabriela Lopez, the youngest elected board member for the SF Unified School District, and only the second Latina to hold the position. She discussed her experience running for office and running a grassroots campaign.

Salon Action: Exploring how to get more young women running for office and winning.

Salon Host(s): Organized by Meghan Freebeck

We Marched! 

For the third year in a row, we marched to show our resistance through the center of San Francisco. 

Event Date: December 20, 2018

Title: End of Year Reflection on the Blue Wave

Salon Summary: This was our annual end-of-year celebration where we reflected on all the efforts put forth in 2018 toward seeing elected officials who reflect our values take office. We were also lucky to be visited by Kimberly Ellis, who that morning announced her candidacy to chair California's Democratic Party.

Salon Action: Gift exchange from Female-owned businesses

Salon Host(s): Organized by Soni & Palak Sheth

Event Date: November 13, 2018

Title: Volunt​eer @ ECS Next Door Shelter

Salon Summary: For our annual day of service, we coordinated with Episcopal Community Service's Next Door Shelter to help with their meal service.

Salon Action: Volunteering to serve dinner in two shifts: first for the women and second to the men

Salon Host(s): Organized by Purvi Patel & Raveena Rihal

Event Date: October 23, 2018

Title: Take Action for the Midterms: Breaking down the CA Ballot

Salon Summary:  We hosted a public-facing event to help ourselves and our friends learn about the various propositions on the San Francisco and California ballots. By the Bay ( co-founder Yvonne Leow led a non-partisan review of the ballot to help the more than 90 people in attendance!

Salon Action: We hosted more than 90 people to join us in being informed voters. Understanding the nuances of the dozen or so ballot propositions isn't easy and we made it fun!

Salon Host(s): This night was hosted by the Post March Salon (PMS). 

Event Date: October 2, 2018

Title: Take Action for the Midterms: A Night to Join the Resistance!

Salon Summary:  This event focused on engaging those that felt stressed leading up to the Midterm Elections and weren't quite sure how to take action? We welcomed them to join us in the resistance by dedicating a night to take action through phone and text banking to flip swing districts, postcard writing to swing voters, donating your dollar, and breaking down the CA ballot. 

Salon Action: We texted and phone banked over 2000 people for 4 flippable districts in CA, wrote postcards to registered voters around the country, signed up people to get out the vote and canvass with Swing Left, and much, much more. 

Salon Host(s): This night was co-hosted by The Assembly, SOS Collective, and Post March Salon (PMS). 

Event Date: Sept 20, 2018

Title: Take Action for the Midterms: Drafting personal messages for National Voter Registration Day

Salon Summary:  Our aim was to do our part in trying to increase voter turnout in November.

Salon Action: We wrote personal messages to our friends, families, etc who live in areas where we want to encourage them to vote this November. 

Salon Host(s): Neha, Rachel and Leigh

Salon Date: August 21, 2018

Salon Topic/Title: Defining our stories and strategies to meet the challenges of our time.

Salon Summary:  The focus of this salon was to develop a mission statement for PMS and build a strategic plan for maximizing our efforts to win 2018 midterm elections.

Salon Action: We finalized our mission statement and an action plan to get out the vote, canvas for specific candidates, phone bank, and partner with other organizations to ensure a Blue wave in November.

Salon Host(s): Raveena Singh at The Assembly SF

Salon Date: July 23, 2018


Salon Topic/Title: Organizational Culture & Alignment

Salon Speaker: Julia Markish, Founder of Organizational Culture & Alignment

Salon Summary:  Julia is the Global Director Medallia's Employee Practice, as well as the founder of Organizational Culture and Alignment. We invited her to speak to us about the interconnectedness of the personal, talent and commercial identities (often perceived as brands) that coexist within a company/organization/community and how curating your culture is paramount for ensuring the stability and health of that connection. She spoke to us about what gives us meaning, how we show up (at work and generally in the world), and how we present.  Julia then led us through a group exercise to answer these questions and understand and ensure alignment in what we do.   

Organization:  Organizational Culture & Alignment


Salon Action: Empowered each other by sharing how we believe each other presents.  It was feel good and relevant as women to support each other in our individual efforts.


Salon Host(s): Palak Sheth

Salon Date: 21st June 2018

Salon Topic/Title: Juvenile justice

Salon Speaker: Teresa Goines, Founder and CEO, Old Skool Cafe

Salon Summary: We had a fireside chat with Teresa Goines, a female social entrepreneur, who has made it her life's mission to provide vulnerable youth exiting the juvenile justice system with job training and a path out of poverty and onto stability.

Organization: Old Skool Cafe

Salon Action: Donate to fundraising campaign, review restaurant on Yelp, return to eat at restaurant with others

Salon Host(s): Palak Sheth and Priya Gupta

Salon Date: May 15th, 2018

Salon Topic/Title: Gerrymandering and Local SF Election Matters

Salon Speaker: Vanessa Archambault, Head of Engineering at Flippable

Salon Summary: We discussed the history of gerrymandering, its critical role in our lack of representation, flipping states to restore democracy, and the nuances of moderates vs. progressives in SF politics.

Organization:  Flippable - is building a data-driven, people-powered movement to flip states blue and restore our democracy.

Salon Action: Donated money to Flippable.

Salon Host(s): Akta Adani & Palak Sheth

Salon Date: April 24, 2018

Salon Topic/Title: Race-conscious and Intersectional Advocacy


Salon Speaker: Jasmine Singh and Tierien Steinbach, ED of the East Bay Community Law Center

Salon Summary:  Jasmine gave an overview of critical race theory as it pertains to the law, social constructs of race, and historical immigration cases. This provided the context for Tierien Steinbach to share the advocacy work that EBCLC does on behalf of Bay Area residents--with race and identity specifically in mind--including clean slate work, economic justice and immigration. 

Organization:  East Bay Community Law Center

Salon Action: Donated money to EBCLC

Salon Host(s): Jasmine Singh and Shailika Shah ***not sure shailika can/wants her name listed on website

Salon Date: March 20, 2018


Salon Topic/Title: Gun Control

Salon Speaker: Liz Moore, Community Outreach Coordinator for Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense SF


Salon Summary:  Liz Moore discussed the latest statistics regarding gun violence in the U.S.. She then shared the common sense solutions and legislation that the organization promotes to counter the gun lobby at the local, state, and national level. 

Organization:  Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense


Salon Action:  Donated money to Everytown For Gun Safety

Salon Host(s): Belen Medina and Anu Menon

Salon Date: Feb 20, 2018


Salon Topic/Title: Immigration and DACA

Salon Speaker: Miriam Kreimer, Sr Attorney Deportation and Defense at Dolores Street Community Services

Salon Summary:  Miriam Kreimer discussed the status of the presidential administration's hardening of immigration laws and threat to let DACA expire. She shared the perspective of her clients who are being directly impacted by the policy changes, and how we can help their efforts. 


Organization:  Dolores Street Community Services


Salon Action:  Donated money to Dolores Street's Deportation Defense program at


Salon Host(s): Raveena Rihal and Sara Mahdavi

Salon Date: January, 21st, 2018

Salon Topic/Title: Anniversary of The Women's March

Salon Speaker: N/A

Salon Summary: Respect existence or expect resistance!

Organization:  The Women's March


Salon Action: One year after later we, a community of local reSISTERS, this time with PMS shirts, marched together and recommitted ourselves to the fight for a more just world. 

Salon Host(s): Palak Sheth

Salon Date: December 21, 2017


Salon Topic/Title: Self-Care and Holiday Gift Exchange 


Salon Speaker: Sachi Doctor, founder of Elemental Alchemy


Salon Summary: Sachi shared the idea of self care and how/why to practically implement these practices into our daily routine. We then had a white elephant gift exchange where all the gifts came from women-owned businesses.


Salon Action: Supported local women-owned businesses


Salon Host(s): Sachi Doctor and Soni Sheth Bedi

Salon Date: Nov 19 2017


Salon Topic/Title: Criminal Justice Reform 


Salon Speaker:  Lorraine Anderson, ED of Californians for Safety and Justice

Salon Summary: Lorraine Anderson gave us an extensive overview of the racist history of mass incarceration and the cycle of poverty and crime. She also discussed the work CSJ has done with ballot measures such as Prop 47 and 57, and how they have brought crime survivors together to effectively  lobby for change.


Organization:  Californians for Safety and Justice


Salon Action: Donated money to CSJ

Salon Host(s): Sunaina Kaur and Raveena Rihal

Salon Date: October 23rd, 2017


Salon Topic/Title: The Blue Wave is Coming


Salon Speaker: Lala Wu, Director of Engagement and Partnerships and co-founder of SDP


Salon Summary: This salon discussed the importance of state legislatures and how they're the front lines to combat gerrymandering. 


Organization:  Sister District Project - The Sister District Project activates the power, passion, and creativity of volunteers to win elections and turn states blue.


Salon Action: In addition to members previously supporting SDP through donations and volunteering, we left mindful of the importance of knowing who our local reps are and that they know what issues are important to us.

Salon Host(s): Ruchi Kwatra

Salon Date: September 21st, 2017


Salon Topic/Title: Fundraiser to support Mike Levin, Congressional candidate for swing-district CA-49 previously held by Darrell Issa.


Salon Speaker: Mike Levin


Salon Summary: This was PMS' first fundraiser to support a candidate running for office.  This event was exactly 9 months after the Women's March where we focused on flipping districts and elective more progressives. 


Organization:  Mike Levin Campaign


Salon Action: Fundraiser


Donation Amount: Just over $5000


Salon Host(s): All

Salon Date: Aug 20, 2017


Salon Topic/Title: PMS Social Meetup at Female Owned local bar, Bond Bar

Salon Date: July 20th, 2017


Salon Topic/Title: Criminal Justice Reform


Salon Speaker: Jessica Jackson, co-founder of #cut50 and mayor of Mill Valley.


Salon Summary: Jessica spoke to us about her work with #cut50, a national, bi-partisan organization focused on reducing America's mass incarceration rate and balancing that with serving as the youngest mayor ever elected by Mill Valley. 


Organization:  #cut50 - co-founded by Van Jones. 


Salon Host(s): Meghan Freebeck 

Salon Date: 20th June 2017

Salon Topic/Title: Homelessness and health

Salon Speaker: Meghan Freebeck, Founder, Simply the Basics

Salon Summary: Meghan helped us understand the difficulty of maintaining good hygiene while living on the street. We were particularly drawn to the experience of women and had the opportunity to pack hygiene kits specifically designed for them, which would be distributed by Simply the Basics.


Organization: Simply the Basics


Salon Action: Packed hygiene kits (during salon), donated to Simply the Basics


Salon Host(s): Maureen O'Leary and Priya Gupta

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Salon Date: April 20, 2017


Salon Topic/Title: Climate Change


Salon Speaker: Jill Lombardi, NextGen Climate


Salon Summary:  There was a healthy discussion about climate change and its far reaching impacts, and why engagement at the political/electoral level is critical. 


Organization: NextGen America


Salon Action: Donated money to NextGen


Salon Host(s): Shailika, Darpun, Purvi

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Salon Date: Feb 20th, 2017

Salon Topic/Title:  Persisting & Resisting

Salon Speaker: Group Discussion

Salon Summary: This was the inaugural salon that brought together women that, armed with the pocket Constitutions, were focused on educating ourselves and taking action to fight for justice!  


Organization: State Innovation Exchange - Advancing progressive change in the states


Salon Action: We "donated a dinner" to State Innovation Exchange

Donation Amount: $300 collectively


Salon Host(s): Palak Sheth

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