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Who we are

Empowered women who meet "at the same time of the month," to connect, organize, resist, and persist!

Why we began

We marched on January 21, 2017 in outrage. Compelled to transform our outrage into sustained action, we formed the Post March Salon.  Just like the salons of the 18th century, members gather to connect, converse, organize and most importantly take action. 


Post March Salon (PMS) is the brain child of San Francisco based activists, Palak Sheth and Raveena Singh.   


The group was featured in The Guardian.

How it works

We meet at the same time every month to inspire and sustain activism through:

  • Taking action on pivotal political campaigns to win elections.

  • Educating ourselves on timely social justice and policy issues.

  • Engaging with our community through volunteerism and supporting local organizations.

  • Forming community with like-minded bad ass women.

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