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5 Years Ago We Marched!

Exactly five years ago today, millions of people joined the first Women’s March in a worldwide protest against Donald Trump’s election and everything it stood for. We remember that day vividly. Walking down Market Street wearing ponchos in the pouring rain, amused by the uterus hats and clever signs, but more than that, in awe of the collective energy and motivation of the marchers. So many self-described “non-political” protesters joined seasoned activists to protect the rights of women against an Administration that was sure to disavow them. Our conversation as we marched went a little something like...

“This is amazing, but how do we sustain this energy and work towards real change?”“As a mother, I want to ensure a better future for my kids, and be a part of building that future.

“The only way I know how to sustain activism is through making it consistent and somewhat social. We need to do something that will keep this motivation going for the next 4 years.”

And so, PMS was born, in the rain, inspired by the amazing women marching 5 years ago today!

Excerpt from the first e-mail invitation sent to invite people to the first Post March Salon.

Fast forward one month, we are meeting in Palak’s apartment, discussing our heartache and anger with the Trump Presidency and the newly enacted immigration ban, constitutions in hand. We have clearly struck a chord, almost everyone we invited came.

Fast forward two months to Raveena’s living room, and the Affordable Care Act is in peril. Margia Corner, healthcare attorney, educates us about the issues at hand and we all take collective action reaching out to our representatives. Even more folks show up than before.

A year later we grew 10x and marched together

Fast forward 16 months and the newly formed Chicago chapter meets for the first time.

And we have met monthly since! Over the last 4 years and 11 months, a group that started in SF, expanded to Chicago, and is now truly national, has come together each month to educate ourselves on important issues and take action. From ballot education nights, community service events, hosting fundraisers for like-minded candidates, canvassing, postcard writing, and venting on WhatsApp, to a lovely annual holiday self-care salon tradition…we did it together, in community, with purpose, compassion and love. We could not be more proud of this community of women who inspire us daily to keep Persisting and Resisting!

Much Love,

Palak (Persist) and Raveena (Resist)

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