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Four More Years

By Palak Sheth

Election Day 2020 is here.

I know so many of you have taken today to text bank, phone bank, ballot cure, provide legal support to protect the election, and monitor the polls.  You are out there and you’ve been out there fighting to protect our democracy. I took a couple minutes to reread our first email back in February 2017, shortly after the Women’s March. The part below struck me in particular.  In those early weeks after Trump was inaugurated so many of us started to engage in ways we never had before in our lives.  We downloaded apps like Resistbot, spent our lunch hours calling Senators and met in small groups to strategize how we’d come back from a catastrophic election.  And we haven’t stopped since.

The last four years have been a journey. From shock, to mourning, to rage, to action. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THIS JOURNEY WITH US. It’s because of each and every member of this group that we’ve been able to achieve our goal of sustaining engagement and action through the 2020 election. The nerves are high today because we know what’s at stake.  I offer one promise to ease those nerves.  PMS is not going anywhere.  Irrespective of the outcome of this election, this group will continue to take action in the face of injustice.  We’ll continue to hear from amazing speakers on important issues.  We’ll continue to build a community of inspiring women. In the words of AOC, we aren’t going back to brunch.  The fight ahead, even with a Biden-Harris Administration, will continue. That's how we effect change. Let's come together, as a community, tomorrow evening over Zoom at 5:30 PST.   No speakers, just open space to dialogue (and drink?) with each other.  Zoom Link Here Here's to FOUR MORE YEARS (and more) of activism, engagement, and sisterhood

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